How does financial data generation become as easy as “Extract-Translate-Load”?

Do you hate only having canned reports to rely on at the end of the day? We do, too—and so we’re introducing the Hospice Business Intelligence and Analytics Tool, or HospBI..

There are hundreds of thousands of financial data in hospices that are generated at such a short time, and Patient Management Systems can only retrieve so much in a day. The HospBI tool will be helpful in synthesizing large volumes of data while instantly giving you a comprehensive summary in a dashboard that can be easily visualized and understood.

The HospBI makes it easier for bigger healthcare systems to manage their data, without even the need for sorting them out and making reports in actual offices. Apart from resources being saved, hospices are spared the need for hiring someone to do exactly this.

Interested to know more about how you can integrate HospBI into your accounting systems? Contact us today to learn more!


Make the most out of your teams and processes by boosting what you already have!

Does your agency need an overhaul in your finance department in terms of accounting processes, or simply an assessment to gauge if your accounting team is still on the right track? Blackmor, CPA is here to help you out—by performing an onsite assessment and a SWOT analysis, we would be able to identify your strong and weak areas, as well as your team’s structure and dynamics at present.

Furthermore, we will do a full Systems Assessment to look for possible gaps in your current accounting systems, like checking to see if your payroll, EMR, patient-management, and donor softwares are configured correctly. We would also take a look if your systems are integrated well—if your team is still inputting journal entries by hand, this is exactly what you’ll need our assistance for as you would want to generate and execute your accounting processes seamlessly and error-free. We at Blackmor, CPA know that not all finance professionals are adept in accounting softwares especially the modern ones, and so we are more than willing to share our industry knowledge to those who need it!


Be one step closer in having a motivated, forward-thinking CFO and accounting team.

Having a CFO that understands the in’s and out’s of your home care agency’s financial department is not enough—they have to be motivated and given the opportunity to discover their untapped potential. Our seasoned finance professionals will do exactly this—coach and mentor your CFO so that they could be more effective managers and leaders.


  • Leadership principles based on greats like Maxwell and Ziglar
  • Team building and HR practices from Gallup and StrengthsFinder
  • Financial statement and month-end accounting best practices

Authentic Lessons from Here on Out

Blackmor, CPA’s experts offer only authentic and real-world lessons, and these are tailor-made to each CFO’s personality, strengths, and management style. Before beginning our training sessions, we first conduct a Myers-Briggs personality test to evaluate each participant’s unique traits, then we base our coaching plan on those assessments.